We have an impressive collection of services designed to help collect information for most cases. Years of experience have taught us to tackle each investigation with professional manner, and we’re committed to protecting the privacy of each client while doing all we can in order to providing them with timely and accurate results.

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The world seems to be turning into a more dangerous place, and this means trusting people blindly is getting harder to do. With this service, you can stay calm knowing that our skilled team will use all available resources to find the information you seek.

When you decide to work with CEA's Investigative Agency, you’re guaranteed accurate, honest, and timely results.

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We work hard day and night using all our resources to find the information our clients need. If there is something going on, we will find out.

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Insurance companies, businesses, corporations, and individuals can call us when they suspect they are the subject of a fraudulent claim. 

We utilize all the technology and skills available to us to uncover the truth about an injury claim. Because fraud affects premiums for everyone.

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